Reader’s Guide: MESSAGE TO LOVE

MESSAGE TO LOVE is set during the spring of 1898 just before the start of the Spanish American War in Cuba. This is a fascinating period in Victorian America and the politics, practices and petticoats of the turn-of-the-century were being fashioned in new ways that reflected the changing attitudes. There aren’t that many works of fiction set during the SAW even though it’s a fascinating period. It was known as “The Splendid Little War” because it was somewhat of a gentleman’s war and it was very short-lived. I hope these reading guide questions will spark your interest in reading MESSAGE TO LOVE and finding out more about the Spanish American War.

1. Do you think Audra’s sometimes childish tantrums are genuine or a ruse to keep Rollins and others from meddling in her affairs?

2. Rollins is driven by his desires to seek revenge on the Spanish for the murders of his father and brother. How do you feel about that? Do you think that’s on his mind while he is uncover in Cuba?

3. Audra and Rollins have very differing opinions on the future of “The Everfaithful Isle” as Cuba is known because of its regular role as a sovereign nation. Whose opinion do you support? Audra or Rollins?

4. What do you think of Audra’s persistence in finding her father and proving his innocence? Is the scene of her in the Morro Castle prison a point where she decides something? What? The female journalist from Britain in the women’s cell with Audra is based on a real life character stationed in Cuba during the Spanish occupation. How do feel about women reporters working behind enemy lines in any war?

5. At what point do you think Audra’s mind was changed about Rollins and about their relationship?

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Audra Wakely’s father has been seized by Spanish authorities and imprisoned for sympathizing with Cuban rebels. Raising the money to bribe officials if necessary, she sets off for Cuba to rescue her father. She doesn’t bargain on the interference of any U.S. officials–that is until she meets Rollins McBride.

Lt. Rollins McBride of the newly designated U.S. Naval Intelligence service is assigned to track Audra on her journey. He’s to arrest Greg Wakely, a U.S. citizen, for treason and gun smuggling. His mission and his heart are taken by surprise by the feisty beauty who sets a stubborn path toward finding her father and proving he isn’t a traitor–no matter what or who gets in her way.

Sizzle, spice and intrigue heats up the Spanish American War in 1898!

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  1. This is a fascinating time period and one I don’t know very much about considering all my historical studies and focus on America. I am glad you chose to write about it and your story sounds very good too. This is one I would like to read.

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