Welcome author CLAIRE ASHGROVE!


Welcome, CLAIRE, and tell us a little about yourself.

Hi everybody, I’m Claire and it’s nice to be here – thank you, Liz, for having me.  I’m published in contemporary romance through The Wild Rose Press, and in 2011, I’m breaking into the Paranormal Romance subgenre, with the first in a new series through Tor Romance about Immortal Knights Templar. 

Immortal Knights Templar sounds luscious!

Tell everyone about your journey to publishing a novel.

Oh goodness.  I hate this question.  (laughing)  I didn’t particularly have a journey to be honest with you.  Not in the way I consider the meaning at least.  I’ve always written, always written romance.  And yes, I do mean always, since I was a little girl writing love poems.  That graduated to make-believe stories about my idealized version of myself, in a rock band, and marrying people like Nikki Sixx.  When I got a little older and realized how many other girls intended to marry Nikki too, I went to make believe characters and Regency romance.  Piddled with that for a few years, modifying it as I realized something was missing that I wanted in there.  A whole bunch of words later I had characters I still love and a plot that was very juvenile.  None of those experiences, however, were more than pleasure and a means of spending free time in a farmhouse, solo, with too many cats and dogs and horses.

In 2008 I gave in to my mother’s pushing to “do something with it”, and joined three local RWA chapters along with a critique group.  In October of the same year I submitted Seduction’s Stakes to The Wild Rose Press, more or less on a dare, and about fell out of my chair when they offered a contract.  I’ve gone on to publish four additional romances there.    In the spring of this year, I signed with Jewelann Cone of the Cascade Literary Agency and subsequently sold my first Paranormal Romance series to Tor.

So, for me, it wasn’t really a journey because I wasn’t really working at being published.  It just… happened.  I’m thankful it’s “been happening” since then, and now, as a full time author, wouldn’t change the course of events for anything!

Wonderful story! It takes much longer for so many authors to get published. The stars must be in your corner!

What do like the most and the least about writing?

The most – the ability to not only craft what my heart desires, but also working at the hours I choose on the schedule that works best for me.  I fall in love with my characters, spend a little time romping in their world, and then move on to another place and time.  Great travel experience on a zilch budget, I tell ya!

The least – frankly, promotions.  They are a necessary evil, but each hour I take to promote means an hour less I can write.  And I would much rather sit in my writer’s cave and devote myself to story-telling.

Promotions do feel like a dirty trick to some authors. In my opinion, the trick is to apply the same perserverance and thick skin to promotions that you did to writing.

What are three things you cannot do without?

Coffee, dark chocolate, and I absolutely cannot live without my daily dose of Newfoundland dog slobber.

Fabulous! I’m a St. Bernard girl, myself.

Give us a peek into your latest published work?

I have a new release out, A CHRISTMAS TO BELIEVE IN.  It’s the third book in the Three Kings series, a trilogy written by myself, Dyann Love Barr and Alicia Dean.    Last year we decided to go in on a project together, sat down and brainstormed the three brothers, their mutual backgrounds, their mother and father, and all the conflicts that occur in each book.  My brother is Clint, a struggling Thoroughbred breeder, who would rather be at home on his stables in Kentucky than returning to Kansas City for Christmas.  Grudgingly, he abides by his mother’s wishes and returns, only to find his rock, his sole savior on the trip from hell, has transformed from the tomboy he remembers into a stunning woman he can’t keep his hands off of.  Throw in Jesse’s foster child, however, and everything gets more complicated by the minute.

The story is very much a “feel good” story and is themed on the idea that if someone believes in another enough, anything is possible.  And yes, while there is a horse present in the book, it isn’t about racing or horses.  But that mare too, has a little magic to share of her own.

Sounds positively stunning. What a great idea for a collaboration.

What’s next on the writing horizon for you?

Hm.  Really, anything is possible!  Primarily I’m devoted to the Templar series and resolving the crises they are involved in.  As I mentioned, it releases next year, and I am super enthused about this project.  There’s a bit of speculative fiction incorporated in my plot, a lot of myth, and a heavy dose of dark, sinister motives.   Along with a healthy serving of sexy knights, defending not only the oaths of brotherhood, but also ready to battle to the death for the women they love.

In between, however, I’m hoping to sell a historical, and I’m piddling with a couple other side projects.  With luck, 2011 will see the fruition of some of these ideas.

Please come back and tell us about these side projects! If they are anything like your current works, we don’t want to miss them!

Is there anything you want to tell readers?

Thank you for reading my books, above all.  I love hearing from you.  While yes, I do write to appease my own imagination, without my readers there would be no job, and I do take into consideration your desires when you step into my worlds.

I’m also participating in two different Holiday blog hunts, and encourage you to visit my website, and follow the instructions for each of them there.

Yes, do visit Claire’s website! Here’s the link:



Thank you again, Liz! 

It’s been wonderful having you, Claire. I meant what I said. Come back and update us on those yummy books you have planned!



  1. Claire, I can’t wait to read your book and I will look for the Knight Templar ones too.

  2. I’ve always been intrigued by the Knight Templar mystique.

    • I have been too, P.L. Doing the research for the series was fascinating. Funny, every time I hear stuff about “What happened”, now my brain automatically kicks in with my theories. It’s really been a blast developing the series.

  3. I’ve always been intrigued by the Knights Templar too.
    Have any of your read Katherine Kurtz’ series set in Scotland that concerns regaining some of the Knights treasures? (It has a romance too, but that’s a minor plot point, sadly.)

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