Links I Love Wednesday, Part I

Welcome to Links I Love Wednesday. Today six fab authors are featured plus yours truly! Click on and show ’em some love while picking up some great reads for your TBR stack!


A winter snowstorm.  A horse with a past.  A woman who has everything riding on the line. One man holds the ability to fulfill her dreams… 

If he can vanquish the nightmares.

Gabrielle Warrenton gave up everything to pursue her dream of a first-class Egyptian Arabian breeding farm.  Her future lies in her new stallion’s success.  Though she possesses an exceptional eye for horseflesh, she lacks the training knowledge, and Bahadur Mamoon has a date with the nation’s most affluent show in three weeks.  Nothing that would present a problem given his previous credentials.  Only, the sellers disguised one critical fact—he’s crazy.

Jake Lindsey-Sullivan was once part of an exceptional Arabian training team.  Under his mother’s guidance, he developed an instinctual talent, but she was the star, the cornerstone of his life.  Until she met a premature death.  Grief-stricken and plagued by guilt, Jake abandoned the world of horses.  Now an over-the-road truck driver, he evades the memories.  

When a snowstorm throws two Arabian professionals into close-quarters, they discover an engulfing passion.  But will Mamoon rip open emotional scars, or forever seal them shut?


Writer Liv Corrigan has the worst luck with men — her telepathy tends to make them run for the hills. When she meets widower and ex-cop Jack Roarke, she decides to keep her talent hidden. Things are looking up until their third date crashes and burns as the man who murdered Jack’s wife turns out to be after him too.

Injured, Jack retreats with Liv to his house under armed guard. But with Liv’s mysteries rapidly coming unraveled, a diamond-thief killer to stop and passion in the air, the safe house is anything but safe for their hearts!

A mafia victim escapes. A US Marshal needs a witness. Can he uncover her secret and convince her to testify before more lives are lost? Will she learn in order to be truly free, she must face her enemy? Do 
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